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Are you looking for a baby store where you can buy everything you need for your baby? Are you looking for a store that only sells quality products? If so, Moms is the place to go as we have had years of providing great baby products. We are currently based in Port Huron, where we have established ourselves as the first choice for all baby products. If you would like to learn more about what we have to provide, please call us on 3132644440.

Our support team

We have a wonderful support team ready to walk you through our process and make your experience a memorable one. Every member of the support team has a vast knowledge of baby products, which means that they can help you out with any inquiries you make. Reach out to us today and enjoy the amazing baby products we have to offer.

Our range of products

Our mission is to make our store a first and final stop for customers who need baby products. As a result, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to be versatile and have a whole range of baby products available for purchase. We have a friendly shopping environment, where you can easily find what you need to keep the stress levels down, and all of our product sections are well labelled to guide customers towards what they need.


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